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Friday, April 4, 2014

YA Anthology and...a MADLY 4 announcement!

I thought today would be a good day to announce my plans for Madly 4 because her first story is included in a young adult collection with 9 other bestselling authors, a collection that went live today.  The goal for the anthology is that it will be free as soon as we can get the retailers to price match it.  The other authors include Shelly Crane, Quinn Loftis, Lila Felix, AM Hargrove, Rachel Higginson, Julia Crane, Amber Garza, Jamie McGee, and Cambria Herbert (<-----isn't Cambria such a pretty name?).  Here is the link to find it on Amazon.  At the moment, it's priced at $1.99 because of the file size, but, again, the goal is to get it free ASAP:)  This brings me to my next announcement.

Madly 4.  Madly and the Sea Witch.

I know it's been almost 2 years since book 3, Madly and the Jackal released.  The awesomely amazing thing is that so, so, SO many of you haven't forgotten them.  It both humbles and thrills me:)  I'm so sorry for the delay.  My life has been a crazy whirlwind of wonderful things, but it's also been extremely busy. LOL  However, I've never forgotten about Madly and Jackson. Or Jersey and Aidan and Kellina.  I love them all.  They stole my heart from the moment I met them, and I'm very excited to get back to Slumber and Atlas to spend some time with them.  But I'm going to do things a bit differently this time.  Here's how.

First, I'm going to post this novel in large chunks at 3-week intervals FOR FREE right here on my blog.  The first installment will be available May 1st.  Y'all have been so good to me and so patient, I feel like this is the least that I can do for you.

Secondly, I'm going to let y'all have some say in how this plays out.  There are some...up-in-the-air parts that I've been toying with and I thought I'd get your opinion on some things before I actually write those sections.  For that, I'll do a poll around the middle of each month, the first of which is on my sidebar today, so please take a minute to select who will be a traitor to Madly. I won't tell you how, only that someone will betray her.  And I'll let you decide who it's going to be.  So, cast your vote for the "Villain in Disguise" and let the Madly games begin!

Monday, March 3, 2014

SOME LIKE IT WILD chapter two

And here is Jake... *swoon*

Present day
The screen door bangs shut behind me. After having been out in the fresh air of the orchards, the sweet, fruity smell of the house is even more pronounced. My family’s farmhouse has seen too many harvest seasons not to smell like peaches.
It smells exactly the same as it has my whole life. In fact, very little about the house has changed at all over the years. Except for the dwindling of its occupants, of course.
First Mom, now Dad. It took a few years for it to feel like home after Mom died, but it finally did. With Dad, it’ll be different. I can already tell. Although his death was sudden and accidental (he fell off a ladder out in the orchard and hit his head on a rock), I don’t mourn him like I did Mom. Or like Jenna mourns him. She can barely come into the driveway, much less spend time indoors. Then again, she was always his favorite. But that’s understandable, all things considered.
Feeling the sting of old wounds, I walk to the fridge for a beer. I jerk the door open with much more force than what’s necessary. It feels good to get a little of my aggression out, though. It’ll do until I can get back to work, making a living at staring death in the eye. Adrenaline—it’s my drug of choice to numb the pain of the past. And of the present, if it decides to act up and give me shit.
But right now, I have to shower before the bloodsucking douche paralegal from the estate attorney’s office arrives to start cataloging all our family holdings.
I pop the top on the bottle and down half of it before I even reach the stairs. I try not to think of the good ol’ days, just a few short weeks ago, when I was living the life I chose rather than the life my father left behind when he died.
What the hell was I thinking, coming back here?
Less than half an hour later, I’m freshly washed, cleanly shaved, and dressed in jeans and a T-shirt that reads: SKYDIVING: THE GROUND IS THE LIMIT. I grab another beer from the fridge and sit in the den, waiting for the tight ass from the attorney’s office. The only sounds are the dog, Einstein, barking at something out back, the tick of the grandfather clock in the dining room, and the wind whistling through the crack in the screen door. It takes exactly seven minutes for this quiet combination to drive me nuts. Finishing my beer, I decide to get some stuff from the garage and wash my Jeep while I wait.
And if this straightlaced asshole doesn’t like it, he can kiss my puckered ass.
Twenty minutes later, I’m rinsing soap off the Rubicon when I see the flash of sun on a windshield, drawing my eye to the far end of the driveway. A little dusty blue car is making its way slowly along the path, moving in and out of the dappled patches of shade thrown onto the pavement by the trees stretching overhead. Every now and then, the sun will shine through the glass and hit the platinum blond hair of the driver. The long platinum blond hair of the driver. This immediately piques my interest. I never considered they might send a female.
I continue spraying, keeping an eye on the car as it comes closer. I watch as it rolls to a stop a few feet from where I am, parking in front of the house with its rear facing in my direction. The engine shuts off, and I see the driver reach onto the seat beside her. She fiddles with something before opening the door.
The first thing that comes out is legs. Two-mile-long, perfectly toned ones capped in a pair of high, high heels. I wait anxiously to see the rest. She pauses for a second before scooting out of the car.
I see her first in profile as she reaches down to tug on the rising hem of her slim black skirt and then tucks her hair behind one ear.
When she finally turns toward me, her head is down as she looks at something in her hands. That’s fine by me. It just gives me time to ogle the shit out of her without getting a nasty glare for it.
The long legs were only the beginning of the package. Narrow hips curve into a tiny waist and lead up to what looks like a nice-sized rack. Not too big, not too small, although it’s hard to be sure through her loose-fitting blouse.
She walks gracefully toward me and, when she’s a couple of feet away, she looks up.
Just as my jaw drops in surprised recognition, the spray of the water hose hits the front bumper of the Jeep and shoots water all over my chest and stomach.
“Shit!” I yelp, jumping back when the cold water makes contact.
I redirect the hose and glance at the girl standing just outside spray reach. She’s smiling down at my wet shirt.
My mouth waters when I look at the lush pink lips spread over her perfect teeth. I remember the way they taste—sweet and innocent.
Like peaches.

And like a challenge.

Some Like It Wild

How far will a good girl go for the bad boy she loves?

Laney Holt is a preacher’s daughter. A good girl.  Her only goal was to get married, have babies and live happily ever after, just like her parents. Only that didn’t happen.  With the betrayal of two people closest to her, Laney’s dreams came crashing down. Now she’s left with an empty space she doesn’t know how to fill. Until she meets Jake Theopolis, a daredevil with a death wish who has heartbreaker written all over him. 

Jake has no interest in thinking beyond the here and now.  All he wants out of life is the next rush, the next “feel good” thing to keep his mind off the pain of his past. His latest rush?  Showing Laney there’s more to life than being a good girl—and that going bad can be so much fun. Her only concern now is how she can ever hope to satisfy the wild side of a boy like Jake. She’s looking forward to trying. And so is Jake.

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Playlist for Some Like It Wild (scroll over list to view in its entirety)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

SOME LIKE IT WILD chapter one

I'm getting SO. FREAKIN'. EXCITED. about my release on Tuesday. Oh my goodness!  So, for those of you who haven't gotten to read the first chapter of Jake and Laney's story, I'm posting it here.  On Monday, I"ll post chapter two for you as well.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep  That way you'll get a little taste of both Jake and Laney, since it's written in alternating POVs:)

Okay, so here we go! I hope you love it!

Four years ago, Summer
“Come on, Laney. You gotta live a little. You’ll be eighteen in a few weeks and then you’ll be leaving for college. This is the last fair you’ll ever attend as an adolescent. Don’t you want this summer to be memorable?”
“Yes, but that does not include getting busted for drinking under age.” My best friend, Tori, gives me that look that says I’m hopeless. “What?” I ask defensively. “Daddy would kill me.”
“I thought preacher’s kids were supposed to be wild as hell?”
“I can be wild,” I tell her, avoiding her disbelieving blue eyes. “I just don’t want to be wild right now.”
“Then when? When are you gonna do something? Anything? You won’t make it a single semester away at college if you don’t learn some of this worldly stuff now, Laney.”
I chew the inside of my lip. I do feel ill-prepared for college. But the thing is, I don’t want to do wild things. All I’ve ever really wanted out of life is to find the perfect man to sweep me off my feet, get married, have a family, and live happily ever after. And I don’t have to get wild to achieve any of those things.
Looking at Tori’s expression, however, makes me feel like some kind of freak for not wanting to break the rules. At least a little. But she doesn’t understand my dreams. No one does, really. Except my mother. She was the same way when she was my age, and she found everything she wanted in life when she met my father.
“Come on, Laney. Just this once.”
“Why? What is the big deal about getting it here? Getting it now?”
“Because I want to get it from him.”
“Why?” I ask again. “What’s the big deal?”
“I’ve had a crush on him for years, that’s what the big deal is. He went off to college and I haven’t seen him since. But now he’s here. And I need a wing woman.” When I don’t immediately relent, she presses. “Pleeease. For meee.”
I sigh. I have to give Tori credit for being one seriously gifted manipulator. It’s a wonder I’m not wild as a buck. She talks me into doing things I don’t want to do all the time. It’s just that, so far, they’ve been fairly innocent. Being the preacher’s daughter and living with such strict parents makes it hard for me to get into too much trouble. Tori ought to be happy about that. If it weren’t for the restrictions being my friend has placed indirectly on her, she’d probably be a pregnant, drug-addicted criminal by now.
But she’s not. Partly because of me and my “taming” influence. And it’s those stark differences in our personalities that make us such good friends. We balance each other perfectly. She keeps me on my toes. I keep her out of Juvie.
“Fine,” I growl. “Come on. But so help me, if he tells on us, I’m blaming you.”
Tori squeals and bounces up and down, her ample boobs threatening to overcome the extremely low neckline of her shirt.
“Why don’t you just go over and do that in front of him a couple of times? I’m sure he’d give you anything you want.”
“That’ll come later,” Tori says, ruffling her blond bangs and waggling her eyebrows.
I roll my eyes as we start off across the fairgrounds. As we near the farm truck where the shirtless guy is unloading crates, I ask Tori again, “Now who did you say he is?”
“Jake Theopolis.”
“Theopolis? As in the peach orchard Theopolises?”
“Yep, that’s his family.”
“Why don’t I remember him?”
“Because your hormones slept through your freshman year. He was a senior. Jenna Theopolis’s older brother. Played baseball. Dated pretty much all the hot girls. “
“Except for you,” I add before she can.
She grins and elbows me in the ribs. “Except for me.”
“And you’re sure he won’t try to get us into trouble?”
“I’m positive. He was a bad boy. I’m sure there’s nothing we could think of that he hasn’t done ten times over.” We stop a few feet behind him, and I hear Tori whisper, “Good God, look at him.”
So I do.
I can see why Tori would find him appealing. His tanned skin is glistening in the hot Carolina sun. The well-defined muscles in his chest and shoulders ripple as he picks up a crate from the back of the truck, and his washboard abs contract as he swivels to set it on the ground. His worn blue jeans hang low on his narrow hips, giving us an almost-indecent look at the way the thin trail of hair that leads away from his navel disappears into the waistband.
But then Tori’s words come back to me and I’m immediately turned off. She said he’s a bad boy. And I’m not interested in bad boys. They don’t figure into my plans. At all. In any way. That’s why I don’t have to worry about being attracted to him.
Even though he’s hot as blazes.
Tori clears her throat as we move closer. “Hi, Jake.”
Jake’s dark head turns toward us as he pauses in his work to wipe his brow. He looks first at Tori. “Hi,” he replies around the toothpick stuck in one corner of his mouth. His voice is low and hoarse. His smile is polite and I think to myself that he’s handsome enough, but nothing to warrant Tori’s insistence on talking to him.
But then he looks over at me.
Even with him squinting in the bright sun, his eyes steal my breath. Set in his tan face and framed by his black hair and black lashes, they’re striking. The amber color is like honey, honey I feel all the way down in my stomach—warm and gooey.
“Hi,” he says again, one side of his mouth curling up into a cocky grin.
For some reason, I can’t think of one single thing to say. Not even a casual greeting, one that I would give a perfect stranger. I stare at him for several long seconds until, finally, he chuckles and turns back to Tori.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“Uh, she’s just shy.”
“Shy?” he asks, turning his attention back to me. I almost wish he hadn’t. My belly is still full of hot liquid and I’m starting to feel breathless. “Hmmm, I don’t meet shy girls very often.”
From the corner of my eye, I see Tori wave her hand dismissively. “Eh, she’ll loosen up in a minute. In fact, that’s sort of why we’re here.”
Jake glances back to Tori, releasing me from the prison of his strange eyes. I take a slow, deep breath to settle my swimming head.
“Oh, I’ve gotta hear this,” he says, leaning back against the tailgate and crossing his arms over his chest. I can’t help but notice how his biceps bulge with the action.
Tori steps closer to him and whispers, “We were sort of hoping you’d sell us a bottle of that peach wine. You know, on the down low.”
He looks from Tori to me and back again before he bends to pick up one bottle. “One of these? To loosen her up?”
“Yep. It’s sure to do the trick.”
His golden eyes return to me as he slowly straightens to his full height. “I don’t believe you. I don’t think she’ll drink it.” His gaze drops to my mouth and then on down my neck and chest, to my stomach and my bare legs. I wonder what he’s seeing—just the light green strapless sundress that sets off my tan? Or is he imagining what’s underneath? What’s underneath my clothes? Underneath my skin? “I think she looks like a good girl. And good girls don’t drink.”
The fact that he so accurately pegged me stirs up my temper for some reason. Immediately defensive, I pull in my stomach, puff out my chest, and jack up my chin. “What? I’m just some simple, one-dimensional country girl? Is that it?”
He shrugs, his eyes never leaving mine. “Am I wrong?”
“Yes,” I declare defiantly, even though it’s an outright lie. “You couldn’t be more wrong.”
One raven brow shoots up in challenge. “Oh yeah? Prove it.”
Too proud to back down, I reach out and snatch the bottle from his fingers, unscrew the lid and tip it back, taking one long gulp.
It’s just local, homemade wine from his daddy’s peach orchard, but that doesn’t mean the alcohol doesn’t sting the throat of someone who’s not used to drinking.
As I lower the bottle and swallow what’s left in my mouth, my eyes water with the effort not to sputter. Jake watches me until my cheeks are no longer full of the wine.
“Satisfied?” I ask, shoving the bottle into the center of his broad chest.
“I’ll be damned,” he says softly.
Ignoring the way his voice makes my stomach clench, I reach for Tori’s hand. “Come on. We have to get back for our shift in the booth.”
Tossing my hair, I turn and stomp off with as much dignity as I can muster. Tori is reluctant, but when I tug, she follows along.
“What the hell are you doing? You just totally screwed that up for me. Not to mention that you left the wine.”
“We don’t need that jerk’s wine.”
“Uh, yeah, we do. And what’s this about the shift at the booth? We aren’t supposed to be there for another forty minutes.”
“Then we’ll go early. It’s just a kissing booth, for Pete’s sake. It won’t kill you to work another forty minutes. In fact, you’ll probably like it.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks indignantly.
I pause in my mad trudging to look at her. I shake my head to clear it. I don’t know how that Jake guy managed to get under my skin so quickly, but he did.
“Sorry, Tori. I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m just aggravated.”
“I can see that. But why? What did he ever do to you?”
“I don’t know. Nothing, I suppose. I just hate it when people assume the worst about me.”
“Assuming you’re a good girl is not a bad thing.”
“He sure made it seem like it was.” I start walking again and look back at Tori until she catches up. “Besides, weren’t you just fussing at me for not living a little?”
“Yes, but this is not really what I had in mind.”
I smile and loop my arm through hers, hoping for a quick reconciliation so we can leave the topic of Jake behind. “Be careful what you ask for then, right?”
She sighs. “I guess.”
“Now then, let’s go.”
Twenty minutes later, I’m regretting my rash decision. I’ve kissed the cheek of every pimple-faced boy in town. Tori has jumped in front of me to take all the cute guys that have come. Not that I have a problem with that. I guess I owe her since I messed up her plans for Jake. Besides, I’m not interested in any of the boys from Greenfield. The only reason I’m working the booth at all is to raise funds for the church.
I smile politely as I take two dollars from the next boy in line. He looks like he can’t be a day over twelve. I bend forward to give his cheek a peck. I press my lips to it and then offer mine. He kisses it sweetly then looks shyly away. “Thank you for the kiss,” I say for the hundredth time. I look down as I put the money in my till. When I glance up, prepared to ask for the next person in line, my heart stops and the words die on my tongue.
Standing in front of me, smiling like he knows I can’t breathe, is Jake Theopolis. He’s wearing a T-shirt now, a blue one that fits snugly over his wide shoulders. His pecs shift beneath the material as he digs in the front pocket of his jeans. I see him toss a ten dollar bill onto the counter in front of me. Confused, my eyes flicker back up to his. The bright, liquid orbs are intent on mine.
“I came for the peaches,” he says quietly. He reaches up to take the toothpick from between his lips. I watch, spellbound, as his face gets closer and closer. “I need a taste before I go,” he whispers, his sweet cinnamon breath fanning my lips.
And then his mouth is brushing mine. I don’t even think to resist. In fact, I don’t think at all. I only feel.
His lips are soft against mine and he smells like soap and clean sweat. His touch is featherlight until he tilts his head to the side and deepens the kiss. I feel his tongue trace the crease of my lips until I part them to let him in. In long, leisurely strokes, his tongue licks at mine, like he’s savoring the flavor of it. I savor him right back, drinking in the hint of cinnamon in his mouth. I lean toward him, bracing myself on the counter, afraid my legs won’t hold me up much longer.
Finally, he leans back and looks down into my stunned face. “Mmmm, that’s the sweetest peach I’ve had in a long time,” he purrs. When he winks at me, I feel a gush of heat pour into my stomach like hot lava.

Without another word, he turns and walks away.

Some Like It Wild

How far will a good girl go for the bad boy she loves?

Laney Holt is a preacher’s daughter. A good girl.  Her only goal was to get married, have babies and live happily ever after, just like her parents. Only that didn’t happen.  With the betrayal of two people closest to her, Laney’s dreams came crashing down. Now she’s left with an empty space she doesn’t know how to fill. Until she meets Jake Theopolis, a daredevil with a death wish who has heartbreaker written all over him. 

Jake has no interest in thinking beyond the here and now.  All he wants out of life is the next rush, the next “feel good” thing to keep his mind off the pain of his past. His latest rush?  Showing Laney there’s more to life than being a good girl—and that going bad can be so much fun. Her only concern now is how she can ever hope to satisfy the wild side of a boy like Jake. She’s looking forward to trying. And so is Jake.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Minaldi Legacy by Courtney Cole

So, y'all probably know my BFF Courtney Cole. If not, you totally should:)  She's releasing the sequel to Luca's story (Of Blood and Bone) today and you Luca fans reaaaaaaaaaaally need to read it! And if you don't know Luca...well, what are you waiting for??  I love books with a little mystery.  Add to them a hot, dangerous guy with a beautiful accent and...yeah. Sign me up!  LOL

Below is the cover, blurb and an excerpt graphic.  *swoon* Oh, Luca!  I'll update the purchase links at the bottom as they come online:)

Happy reading, happy Thursday and CONGRATS, COURT!

“I’m a monster, Eva.  There’s no saving a monster.  But I love that you want to try.”

Luca Minaldi is rich, powerful and mesmerizing.  He’s also a reclusive enigma.  He lives in Malta, a fairy-tale place filled with sunshine and sea, beauty and secrets.  And Luca’s darkest of secrets is the best-kept of them all. 

Eva Talbot moves to Malta to finish her doctoral dissertation in Psychiatry.  When she meets Luca, there is a very real and instant attraction that she has never felt before. But even still, she senses the darkness that lives within him.   

Eva is hired to care for Luca’s mother, a woman who suffers from dementia.  It is Luca, however, that Eva will eventually risk everything to save… as the legacy that plagues him continues.  

As the darkness swirls ever more tightly around her, Eva realizes that no matter how hard she tries, she might not be able to save Luca without losing herself. 

Eva and Luca are thrust into a world where their love is tested and darkness reigns.  Amid chaos and treachery, love and hate, Luca and Eva learn one important thing.

Love is dangerous. 

But it also might be the one thing that can save them all. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

ALL THE PRETTY POSES--the tour continues and a giveaway

So, today begins a new leg of Reese and Kennedy's tour, this one hosted by the ever-awesome Autumn from The Autumn Review and Wordsmith Publicity.  There will be reviews and fun posts and, of course, a big ol' beautiful giveaway.  This one will feature a $100 Amazon Gift Card as well as the ORIGINAL COVER signed paperbacks of The Wild Ones, Down to You, Up to Me and...UNTIL I BREAK!  Details are below.

Follow along and give Reese and Kennedy some love:)  Y'all are the best!

Feb 3

Feb 4
Love N. Books-Review

Feb 5
Literary Nook -Guest/Promotional Post

Feb 6
StuckInBooks -Review
2 Bookaholics  -Guest/Promotional Post

Feb 7
Booklovers LaceyCat  -Guest/Promotional Post.

Feb 8

The Giveaway:

What you’ll win:

1.      Signed ORIGINAL COVER The Wild Ones
2.      Signed ORIGINAL COVER Down to You
3.      Signed ORIGINAL COVER Up to Me
4.      Signed Until I Break (VERY LAST COPY)
5.      $100 Amazon Gift Card

What you have to do:

1.      Like my M. Leighton, Author page on Facebook (once per promotion)- 5 pts
2.      Follow me (@mleightonbooks) on Twitter (once per promotion)- 5 pts
3.      Tweet the giveaway graphic (up to once per day)- 10 pts
4.      Flood my FB wall (post giveaway graphic to my author page wall and tag three of your friends in the post)- 10 pts

Giveaway starts at 12 am EST February 3, 2014 and ends at midnight on February 23, 2014.  See official rules in Rafflecopter.

Giveaway Graphic:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ALL THE PRETTY POSES is live everywhere!

I'm so sorry to be late in posting, but here are all the purchase links:)  I hope you adore this story as much as I adored writing it!  And as always, THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart!  Y'all continue to make my dreams come true with every day that passes!

Amazon US

Barnes and Noble

Amazon UK




Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ALL THE PRETTY POSES- Chapter one teaser

I wanna be the girl who struts out on stage and totally FLOORS a guy like Reese...and then walks away with his heart.  This is the last half of chapter one, when Reese sees Kennedy for the first time in fourteen long years.

I’m thinking of making my excuses and leaving when the music changes yet again, stopping me.  The sexy thump of Madonna’s Justify My Love strikes me as an interesting yet odd choice for a dance, and it draws my attention back to the platform.
From the left side of back stage, a girl emerges.  She walks slowly along the runway.  The spotlight follows her and I see that she’s wearing a man’s dress shirt and tie.  And nothing else. 
Her legs are long—with the stilettos she’s wearing, even longer—and perfectly toned. Dancer’s legs.  Strong.  Graceful.  Sinful. 
Each step she takes is a sexy, sensual movement of them.  Slow. Deliberate.  I sit up a little straighter in my seat.  I’m immediately catapulted from mildly interested to extremely intrigued and I don’t really know why.  I’ve seen hundreds of dancers do hundreds of dances.  But I’ve never seen this one.  And something about this one has all my senses on point.
As she draws closer, I can see that her rich brown hair is covered by a hat that sits at a cocky angle on her head.  In her hand is a shiny black cane.  When she gets to center stage, she stops, swinging the cane once before propping it out in front of her body.  In one excruciatingly measured movement, she stiffens her legs and bends forward, showing off the length of her perfect thighs as they ease into the curve of her perfect ass.
Before I’m finished looking, she straightens, twirling the cane up over her head and taking one end in each hand.  She arches her back, forcing what looks like some luscious tits up and out. Then, still moving slowly, she eases the cane down the front of her body.
Each action is smooth and unhurried.  Each movement is sexy and fluid, her body melting from one into the next in perfect time to the music.
I glance up at her face.  Beneath the shadow of her hat, all I can see is her mouth.  But damn, what a mouth it is!  Her lips are painted bright red and are probably the lushest ones I’ve ever seen. They’re what I’ve always called dick-sucking lips—plump, pouty and perfectly formed to slip down over the head of my cock.
Not having been overly enthused about coming tonight or about the entertainment, I’m surprised that my dick twitches when she pulls her lower lip between her teeth and bites down.  But damn if it doesn’t.
I feel a groan build in my chest when she drops slowly to her knees, sliding the cane away from her body like she’s doing a push-up, slinking down onto her stomach.  After a few beats, she abandons the cane and eases over onto her back, her hips turning last, like a cat that’s getting ready to stretch. I can almost feel the purr.
Legs flat on the stage, she runs her hands from the tops of her thighs to her stomach, pulling the hem of her shirt up just enough to give a teasing glimpse of what she’s wearing underneath before moving on to her breasts and throat.  Her nimble fingers work loose the tie, dragging it slowly from around her neck.  Purposefully, she twists her hands, winding the silk around her wrists. 
For a few seconds, it’s just me and this girl.  Alone in this room.  With nothing between us but this music.  And that damned tie.  All too clearly, images of me tying her up with that scrap of red material flit through my mind, making me throb behind my zipper. 
Languorously, she stretches one leg straight up into the air, the other lying flat on the stage.  She reaches up and grabs her ankle, skimming her bound hands to her knee, pulling that leg toward her face.  Her thighs widen into a perfect split that reveals little black, satin panties.  When I see them, all I can think about is kneeling between those legs and kissing that silky material.
I see her lips pucker as she puts one chaste kiss on her knee. I’m enthralled.  But it’s when I see her tongue flicker out that I feel like I could punch a hole through the bottom of the table with my hard-on.  There’s something about her that’s so understatedly sexy.  It’s like she doesn’t even know we’re here, like she’s lost inside her own head. And God, how I’d love to be part of what she’s imagining! 
I feel a hand on my arm, interrupting the scene.  I’m instantly aggravated by the intrusion. I jerk away, not even bothering to turn around until I hear a voice.
It’s my brother.  And he’s determined to get my attention.  Finally, I turn, not even trying to hide my agitated glare.
“Can you take us back home?  Sloane’s not feeling well.  Something she ate earlier maybe.”  He gives me a meaningful look. It takes me a second to fully disengage from the girl that had me so rapt, but eventually (reluctantly) I do.  And I remember that Sloane didn’t drink her shot of tequila.  Then I remember why.  Hemi told me she’s pregnant, but that they haven’t told her family yet, so he asked me not to say anything.
“Oh…right,” I respond a bit too sharply.  “Yeah, I can take you.” 
Hesitant to leave just yet, I glance back toward the front of the room in time to see that the dancer is on her knees again, throwing off her hat.  A mane of silky chestnut curls falls down.  I only get a brief flash of her face. Her hair swirls around to obscure her features.  But not before I get a glimpse of one pale green eye. And the way it widens when it meets mine. 
Instantly, I’m transported back in time. Years and years ago.  To the soft grass of a clearing in the woods.  And the smooth skin of the girl beneath me. 
I remember those eyes.  That mouth.  I remember a slightly ganglier, less mature version of this woman’s body.  How it felt to touch her, to hold her.  How she laughed, how she tasted.  How it ended. 
And how I could never forget.
Holy god! 

It’s Kennedy.